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We work together as one time, bringing the depth of experience and collaboration needed to help you excel across all areas of marketing. Your specific challenges fuel how we can best work with you.

Singani 63 Case Study
The Bolivian spirit brand, Singani 63, wanted to pivot to at-home experiences to keep fans engaged with the brand, and also reach new consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, while bars and restaurants were closed.
We created a content series called “Stir Crazy” that used Singani 63's owner, and Oscar-winning director, Steven Soderbergh as a character that united unemployed bartenders and bar owners with the brand.
The series drove conversation, and encouraged each guest to create a different cocktail that showcased the spirit's mixability. Stir Crazy's Finale episode welcomed back all the guest bartenders for a vital industry discussion around government relief through the Save Restaurants Act.

235k+ views, 937.7k impressions & 286.2k engagements through content series.

1.4m+ new consumers reached across Singani's channels.

Online alcohol retailer, Flaviar, picked up Stir Crazy as a content piece, extending the series' reach.

Memphis Brand Case Study
Memphis, Tennessee is a classic American city in transition. With one foot in the past (Elvis, blues, and barbeque) and another in the present (multicultural millennials, entrepreneurship), the city needed an evangelizing effort to share the new Memphis with the world.

Through collaborative concept development with Memphis Brand, we expanded the initial slim scope of 8 site pages to 30 pages/month across 8 categories. Today, under our continuous content production supervision, the site sits at over 1,000 pages across a wide breadth of topics.

From the beginning, our content strategy accounted for both SEO and engagement considerations, incorporating our expertise across both domains.

Once WAM's content catalog reached scale, we oversaw strategic content consolidation to further support SEO, honing our keyword targeting toward the client's evolving objectives. By implementing SEO expertise panoramically - including press release content - we ensured that no growth opportunity was left on the table.
+400,000 Annual sessions
+6,000 Organic monthly visitors (unique)
+250,000 Social media followers (and counting)
Don Julio Case Study
The Don Julio team asked the agency to create an experience that both educated and engaged the guests with the Don Julio's range of tequilas in an approachable and sophisticated way beyond just taking shots, as was common at the time for tequilas in market.

As part of the experience, the goal was to help guests taste all the flavors in the tequila as well as show the versatility of the tequila.

As a result, we worked with Bravo Top Chef Cynthia Sestito to craft a sit-down dinner experience that integrated the tequila into each dish, as well as paired each course with either a cocktail, neat pour, or rocks pour of each tequila.

The dinner was a kickoff to a summer tour of the 1942 chevy pickup which would travel around the Hamptons area educating guests at events and on-premise accounts. The dinner series was so successful that it kicked off a 3-year partnership with Don Julio in the Hamptons where our agency was their go to partner for everything influencer and press related in the Hamptons market.
Real AtomCase Study
One of the world's first commercial real estate loan application and funding platforms came to us with a small budget and big goals for real estate loan requests. The question quickly became; "how do we generate large funding volume on a small budget?"
After detailed research, we identified hyper relevant, but low volume keywords to run Google Ads campaigns. It turned out that there were a few hundred people a month that searched for "commercial real estate loan rates" but virtually no other company was bidding on the term. That allowed us to own the term on Google Search for when people looked for commercial real estate loans.
Our solution to their challenge was a hyper-relevant, but low-volume keyword strategy combined with highly A/B tested landing pages, which ended up generating $14B in commercial real estate loan requests in just a few months.
600% Increase in leads in 1st 3 months
115% Average lead increase per month
347% Increase in site traffic
6X Increase in loan requests
$14B Worth of loan requests generated
Naturally Serious Case Study
Drive awareness and increase sales online and at retail locations. Perform category and data research to deliver custom audience segments and digital content solutions for Naturally Serious.
We began by undergoing a deep exploration of the consumer data our client had collected thus far, gleaning critical insights from their audiences to create unique sets of content that would feel authentic to each audience set.
We created impactful, audience-specific content that would resonate with individual targets across a variety of digital and social channels. From there, our strategy was to perform programmatic testing of creative and messaging variations to optimize media performance and conversion.

5MM+ consumers reached with ads for every audience targeted across Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Highest Click Through Rate (CTR) delivered at the lowest Cost per Engagement than the brand had experienced previously.

Campaign benchmarks exceeded.

56% of online transactions at one individual retailer were attributed to the campaign.

Brugal 1888 Case Study
As a part of the Edrington Americas annual Roadshow, Brugal 1888 asked our agency to create an immersive, educational experience for their global brand team and industry partners. The focus was on the brand's exceptional liquid and quality, its rich family rum-making heritage and creating a personal connection with the spirit to build sell-through tools for use in market.
Our goal was to take the hand-crafted, exclusive, and multifaceted qualities of Brugal 1888 and bring them to life in a unique engagement that felt different than your average trade tasting.
The journey began as guests arrived and were transported to La Casa Brugal in the Dominican Republic. They were greeted with authentic Dominican inspired appetizers curated by an expert catering team, and a delicious Maestro's Welcome cocktail. Next was a trip through the “Sugarcane Fields” to discover the key ingredients that go into making Brugal 1888 and a stop in the “Cask Room” where scents of vanilla and apple filled the space to reflect the characteristics found in 1888 as a result of the unique double cask aging process. In the dining room, guests mingled while a team of expert mixologists handcrafted Double Ochos served alongside lite-bites of Dominican fare. Finally, the journey ended on the ocean front terrace which included a live Dominican band, meringue dancers, Dominican inspired desserts and a selection of Brugal 1888 cocktails including an Espresso Martini, Don Nano's Favorite, Siempre Verde, and more.
This event created an exciting, engaging, and memorable yet educational experience for attendees. It captured the brand's vibrant spirit, highlighted brand complexities in a unique format and created an understanding of who Brugal 1888 is, where it came from and where it's going.

A 360 Degree Approach to Brand Strategy

We work together as one team, bringing the depth of experience and collaboration needed to help

you excel across all areas of marketing. Your specific challenges fuel how we can best work with you.

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